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studying at your parents


so being back at school means being in california.  being in california means being at my parents house for the next two weeks.  and that means i need to find a starbucks or library to get any work done.

don’t get me wrong, i love my parents, but because they don’t see me often they are excited i’m around and that means lots of talking and questions.  that is not conducive to reading.  especially my dad.  he must have said, “can i ask a question” a couple of dozen times each day.  finally i had to shush him away while i was talking to dawn in guatemala on msn.  he’s trying to see what i’m doing, trying to ask me stuff and i’m talking with my wife who’s 5000 miles away.  yikes!

so tonight i think i’m going to stay at school later and grab a seat in the library and hunker down.  i still have 1200 pages of reading to finish and 5 one page reports on the reading.  no time to waste and unfortunately there is a lot of distractions time at my parents home.

yesterday’s highlight after feeling overwhelmed by being back at school… a double double from in-n-out.  outstanding!

pax: ty



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