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leap day


so today is leap day, the extra day once every four years.  i have a friend in her 50’s who has actually had only about 13 or 14 birthdays because she was born on leap day.

it would be cool to do something significant on leap day, to mark it by something special that you would only do once every four years.  i wish i would have thought about this earlier but i’m still going to try even though i’m in class until noon and then driving down to my sister’s in temecula.

what would you do that’s significant, challenging or exciting on leap day and then keep the tradition up?  how could we all make this a significant day in how we live out our faith to those around us and liveCHRIST in a way that fires up peoples hope and imagination.


pax: ty


2 Responses to “leap day”

  1. How about streaking…in the snow…it would be memorable!

  2. We live a half hour further down the road from Temecula if you want to drive to the really nice part of the southern part of the state. 🙂

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