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in His grip, thankfully!

pulling back the curtain


in the movie the wizard of oz, toto the dog pulls back the curtain and reveals what is really going on. everything changes because of that exposure.

i feel the same way not about what is taking place here in my classes at fuller. the curtains are being pulled back [especially as we are discussing future issues for the next 20 years] and we are getting our first glimpses of the landscape ahead. it has be thinking quite a bit not just about ideas but on also how to communicate to the adult world [schools, parents, community organizations, etc] what is happening and our joy and responsibility in charting a way forward for kids, families and everyone.

my first thoughts are about the best strategy to share what is behind the curtain. to pull it back in such a way that people don’t see, hear, overreact and check out of the process of finding solutions and investing in students. so that is the first step, gentle but honest exposure so we can start the discussion.

any ideas? maybe i need to hunt down toto to just yank it open!

oh yeah, wow am i glad i’m here. i know, i know, the posts from the beginning of the week are a little different than this. i’m not saying i have it figured out yet, probably not ever. but to be a part of the process and learning with everyone in my group is and will be an amazing experience and one i’m so thankful to God and dawn for allowing me to join in.

pax: ty


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