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in His grip, thankfully!

renewing the mind

my mind is in need of much renewal right now.  i think you can retrain it, i think an old dog can learn new tricks, but it just takes determination and focus.  some of the ways i need to start renewing things are…

  • theological and biblical evaluation of everything
  • being a skeptic when it comes to assumptions and declarations
  • looking for the root issues and root research, diving below the surface
  • become a reader researcher
  • become a student of the culture and society
  • keep very grounded in the lives of students and families

it’s a big task, but i’m excited about it.  not about the new degree, but about what the degree will lead to in terms of helping make a difference in the lives of students and their families.  to bring about the kind of kingdom God is desiring for his world and his people.

so, another new horizon is out there, another new trail to be blazed.  i’m feeling like lewis an clark trying to figure out what it will take for their trip and then knowing that everything changes once you actually embark.  i wonder who i can find as my local guide, like sacajawea?

here we go…

pax: ty



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