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in His grip, thankfully!

peace on the pier


tonight i needed some peace after a very long and hard day. we dug into what practical theology is all about by learning how to use a theological grid. basically you take an issue or problem and then do “research” about what the bible teaches, how cultural and psychological factors influence your findings and then finally come up with a practical plan that lines up with God’s word and intent. it’s more complicated than that but that’s a quick snapshot.

after looking at how the grid works and having chap explain the details, we took the afternoon to run an issue through the grid in small groups. talk about my brain turning into mush! this took over 3 hours in our group and i think i’m on the edge between getting it and still being deeply confused. i’m glad i have such incredible and supportive group of people in this cohort because i feel with their help and encouragement we will all make it together.

as if that wasn’t enough, then i walked over to the library and finished reading another book and writing a summary report. when i get back home i’ll have two more books to read and summarize. next year, i will be getting a jump on the reading.

what’s next you ask? it was hoping on the 210 freeway at about 6:15 pm in the heart of traffic. let’s just say a drive that should take 40 minutes took about an hour and twenty. not horrible for los angeles, but just not what i was hoping for tonight.

so on the way home i decided to head out to seal beach and walk the pier and have some coldstone ice cream for “dinner”. the pier is great and always a place i’ve loved walk out on. it’s probably about a quarter mile long and once you get out to the end things seem to just drift away. at night, the pier is stunning because you see the lights of seal beach, the lights out at long beach and then the lights of some of the oil islands off the coast. not only that is the pitch dark of the open ocean, the stars overhead and then the quiet when you’re out there alone. it was exactly what i needed to end the day. quiet, beauty, time alone and just a nice long walk.

i wish there was more time for getting alone and getting some rest. but that’s not what being out here is about. my only disappointment is that dawn was not out here to share this quite and beauty with me. next year!

oh, and sorry if this post seems like whining. it’s just helpful for me to share the day.

pax: ty



2 Responses to “peace on the pier”

  1. Hang in there – you are over half way done with this week! Two more days! I am jealous you had Coldstone for dinner, I am going downtown at lunch today maybe I’ll have some Coldstone for lunch. Thanks for the idea!

    Kendra – (not the evil one!)

  2. hey now! you can’t determine which one is evil and which one is not when neither one is in your presence! that’s the rule! ha ha… cold stone does sound good…

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