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house for sale


monday we’re putting up our house for sale.  we met with our real estate agent yesterday to talk about specifics.  the great thing is that we feel great about our agent and his ability to do his best to sell our place.

the disappointing thing is the housing market we are in right now.  our township has the worst foreclosure rate in michigan and the price we are asking is going to have to be less than what we would have liked.  if we want to sell, which is the priority because we are buying our friends house, then we have to drop the price and luckily break even.  best case is that we’ll make no money but not have to come up with any money out of pocket.  except for the down payment. plus it’s taking houses quite awhile to sell. some up to a year or more.

so that’s housing in west michigan right now and according to most it’s not going to change anytime in the foreseeable future.  so a nice miracle would be a real blessing.  to sell our house with enough money for some down payment and to sell it before may 15 when our friends move would be an actual miracle and a something it seems like only God can do.

now it’s time to rent a storage space, empty the basement and stage the house like in all the tv shows dawn watches suggest.  the work now begins.

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