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relax responsibly


so i’m reading rolling stone magazine and turn it over to the back cover. there is a corona ad that says in small print on the bottom…

relax responsibly

and it got me thinking. who’s standard of responsibility?

around west michigan in a variety of ways, you see different ways that “character education” is trying to take place. at some local public and charter schools, through newspaper ads, through public relations campaigns from various communities and i even think the local boys and girls club, come messages about different character traits and values that are important.

and they are. but what foundation or truth are they based on?

honor, compassion, courage, honesty, determination, and so on are the values they are speaking to. and it’s great but it seems to fall short when it’s not tied to solid, bedrock truth. like the relax responsibly ad from corona. i enjoy a tasty adult beverage from time to time, but where do i draw the limit? where does the next person draw the limit? and so on down the road. if there is no ultimate truth or basis for our values, then each one is open to interpretation and evaluation based on your own ideals. the idea of “what works for me is what matters” creeps in. but that isn’t what character is all about. it’s about everyone playing by the same set of values and rules so that everyone can best interact and care for everyone else.

where do those ideas come from? simple: God and his word. love your neighbor, protect the widow and the orphan, do not lie and give to the poor all come from God’s word and are not just wishes on God’s part. they come out of his love and care for all people and give us an example of what character truly should be when based on something more than everyones own ideals.

so there is my late night rambling. just something that’s been fermenting it the brain until good ol’ corona beer brought it to the frond of my mind. so maybe in honor of this i should have a cerveza mas fina mañana!

pax: ty


One Response to “relax responsibly”

  1. Not bad at all for late night rambling. Thank You!

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