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in His grip, thankfully!

stupidity abounds


i’m watching the news this morning and there is so much stupidity that goes on in the world…

  • mortgage and housing crisis
  • financial markets scare
  • uplifting of every spoiled celebrity
  • china stomping on tibet
  • the never ending situation in iraq
  • partying up in celebration of a Christian saint
  • do i need to go on?

our desire fore more and more financial “security”, bigger and better houses, more and more stuff, lives like celebrities and doing whatever we think is right always exposes how much we can fall short and how shallow our own wants and desires can be. people keep talking about all the personal bankruptcies going on but no one ever talks about just how bankrupt our culture is becoming because of all this garbage. we just don’t get it do we? in the long run when we start to think we have it all figured out, especially apart from God, we’re exposed for really how much we don’t know and little we can actually ever control.

it all reminds me that God already has something to say aobut this. for the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight! 1 corinthians 3:19

everyone seems to want to think that religion and Christianity are ruining this country because they are harsh, intolerant and so restrictive. and i would agree that Christians can be all of these things and worse, but that’s not the point. the point is going beyond religion back to who and what Christ is all about and how he pointed to the plan God had for humanity. it reminds me what the author philip yancey wrote about in “the jesus i never knew”. that the Church and Christians have the ability to be like Christ and the world needs Christians to step up and do that. each of us needs to make the commitment to really seek to liveCHRIST. but also thank God that Christ is not like the Church and Christians because individually and collectively we also have the ability to make a mess of everything. we need to take the opportunity each day to see and know Christ for who he really is, through prayer and scripture, and live like that understanding that we’ll never get it completely right and making sure we stay humble and teachable along the way.

that’s enough thinking for the morning. the news is depressing me and so it’s time to get out there and liveCHRIST to a world that thinks Christ has nothing to offer.

pax: ty


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