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good friday: is sin dead?


there was a good article in usa today about sin [CLICK HERE] this week.

sin is far from gone in our lives and our  culture but the understanding by many that we actually commit sin or what we view as actual sin continues to change and diminish.

today is good to think about sin because it’s good friday, the day christ WILLINGLY sacrificed himself in the must painful and brutal way to die on a cross to pay for all of our sin.

  • the sins we hide
  • the sins we rationalize away
  • the sins we ignore
  • the sins we like
  • the sins we hate
  • the sins we struggle to get rid of
  • the sins we see in others but miss in ourselves
  • the sins that separate us from God and each other

all of that changes in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ because he pays for them all.  so even though we and our society get it all so wrong when it comes to our sin, Christ made a way out.  he atoned for every sin and redeemed [bought back] us from the pit.

but have we accepted that gift and chosen Christ and his love?

pax: ty


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