u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

plan b

our friends who we were planning on buying their house when they moved are now no longer moving. so it’s plan b time.

it’s actually pretty sad that the opportunity they had dried up literally overnight, although i’m really glad they will get to stay living here for the immediate future.  they may have other opportunities, but not at this moment.

so we will start looking for other homes in the mean time.  since our house is on the market we need to have something else in mind in case our home sells. however, don’t hold your breath to see a for sale sign on our lawn. house around here are not moving very much because a lot of jobs have dried up.

so for now, we’ll get to have ice cream trips to captain sundae this summer with our friends and pray that God shows them another door that he wants them to walk through.  and honestly, i hope that door is still in this area.  it’s a nice house but i would rather have them around.

pax: ty



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