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you know what’s sad?


i was reading our denomination’s liturgical forms for infant baptism and profession of faith today as i was preparing for an upcoming sermon and my research for my dmin class. in both of these forms there are promises that God makes to us and we make to God. and that got me thinking…

it’s sad that God is basically telling us “hey, I have a great way for you to live, I PROMISE!” and then we turn our back on him, think his promise is worthless and that his way to live and think stinks and that we know better. we’re smarter, we know better, we don’t want to listen to anyone but ourselves. and then our lives show the consequences.

it’s so sad that even after realizing it and taking steps to change, we will fall into that thinking [or lack there of] all over again. much of the problem of sin is our own arrogance! we think we know better how to be a god rather than understanding that there is already the one and only God who is the only one capable of the job.  we could be living such a better life!  not with more stuff and problem free, but with amazing relationships, caring for those who need love the most and seeing all the ways we could be involved with God’s plan and where God is working.  instead we have the selfish tendency to mess things up more often than not.

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One Response to “you know what’s sad?”

  1. I attest to that! Satan fell because of pride and we will to if as Christians we don’t decide to humble ourselves, be broken before God , and seek accountability.

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