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three new states

i’m about 45 minutes east of columbus, ohio at the moment getting ready for bed.  tomorrow i head into three states i’ve never been to before on a scouting trip for a summer trip for dads and sons.  i’ll start out tomorrow morning heading into west virginia to check out a river rafting and rock climbing company called the ace adventure center.  it’s supposed to be the best river running in the east and it’s on the “new” and “gaulley” rivers.  that should take a few hours to check out that location then head east to virginia and up into maryland.  both new states as well.

first thing tuesday morning i’ll head into pennsylvania and check out a section of the appalachian trail about 30 miles west of gettysburg.  then after the trail i’m heading to gettysburg itself to check out our summer campsite and see what we should when we are there for two days in july.

since i’ve never been to gettysburg i’m pretty excited.  i also heard that they are opening a brand new museum there tomorrow morning so it should be pretty great. i know i could take days there but will have to settle for hours.  then when i tear myself away it will be back to holland via a night in akron, ohio.

a non-stop loop to make sure all things are set for the summer.  it’s always a good thing to get a way for a few days.  driving clears my head and lets me think of new ideas and relax.

by the time i get home wedneday, it should be 64 degrees!

pax: ty

2 Responses to “three new states”

  1. Gettysburg? you won’t be that far away from me! after all that driving, what’s a few more hours? 🙂 Hope the trip is a good one!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun buddy! Drive safe! I now wish I had done more scouting trips!

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