u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

tick tock

it’s been awhile and i’m not going to apologize.  just busy trying to sell our house, keep on top of the yard, clean up for open house and showings, plan out the summer, go to meetings, get out and see students sports events, have a life, spend time with dawn, and work on my paper due on august 1st.

so not much down time lately and that’s just the way it goes.

the sun has been good along with the warmer temps.  not rain yesterday and today will hopefully get the lawn to start growing so the dirt goes away.

spring is here and life moves forward!

pax: ty


One Response to “tick tock”

  1. hey bro…
    i apologize for not seeing you and dawn after the service last weekend. it was so good to see you!!! but, we had to journey out to mom’s for lunch.
    anyway, karen has been in new jersey since last tuesday and coming home this friday. we need to somehow get together in the coming weeks.
    i have something that i had promised to your wife a few months back…i hope you will like it.

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