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in His grip, thankfully!

quit or continue

i’m at a huge crossroads right now and it’s setting me on edge.

i’m wondering if i should i continue with my dmin or just call it quits.  let me preface this by saying i have a 50+ paper due in 33 days.

  • i could quit now and not to the paper.
  • i could finish the paper, submit it and call it quits.
  • i could finish and submit the paper and keep going.

i’ve done at least 2/3rds of the research for my paper so it’s not a complete freak out of having to start from ground zero with my research. i know i could have been more disciplined in my study and writing but all the initial excitement of being back in school, reading, learning and working through this information has petered out.  the questions i keep asking myself are…

  • do i want to be this busy for 3 more years?
  • can we really afford this?
  • how can i keep learning this great stuff without so much hard work and time commitment?
  • am i capable?
  • do i want this monkey on my back or would it feel great to not have these deadlines looming over me?
  • won’t i miss the great classmates and chap?

so i’m not sure what to do. i’m leaning towards taking a week off from work and cranking out as much of the paper as i can in the week and then devoting a couple hours a day to working on it until it’s done.

dawn and i are going on vacation starting tomorrow and so i think i’ll use the time to pray and consider what is right.  i’m just really disappointed in myself for feeling this way when i was on top of the world when i got accepted last year and excited about going back to school and continuing to dig into my profession.

am i just scared? am i just wondering the professional benefit after i’m done?  it’s not that i ever want to become an academic. i’ve spent some time with them and have do desire to become anyone in an ivory tower that loses touch with what is happening in the real world.

i’m messed up about this.

pax: ty


2 Responses to “quit or continue”

  1. Hey there big fella!

    For what it’s worth:

    If you felt led to do this in the first place, are you feeling led to quit?

    Starting something is generally easy and fun. Seeing it through to completion requires dedication, hard work, sacrifice, discipline and maturity.

    What does Dawn think?

    Is the process of getting your M.Div helping you spiritually? Are you growing spiritually through the process?

    What does Trent think?

    I’m not you. You’re a lot smarter than I am. But, if I was you, I think I’d keep going for it. Do you want me to come over and kick your butt for awhile? Education is never a waste of time. I don’t know what Heaven is going to be like, but the movie Ground Hog Day gave me something to dream about concerning what I would like to do in Eternity. God gave you a mind. It’s your job to develop it. Luvya.

  2. I feel you man.

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