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a sence of awe

for our vacation this year dawn and i went to gettysburg and harpers ferry. it was a complete immersion in history for both of us. we also made the trip during the three days that the battle of gettysburg took place: july 1, 2 and 3. on the third we walked the distance of pickett’s charge just a few hours before it would have taken place 145 years ago.

you get a sense of awe when you walk across that field. so many men marched that mile or so in the face of bullets and cannons firing right at them. wow. it was a very peaceful yet powerful place.

the picture above is from the middle of the field looking south. the line of troops would have been shoulder to shoulder for over a mile marching in just a few lines to the left of the shot.

being there and seeing what took place makes me wonder if i would have had what it took to carry out my duty. these men, on both sides of the war, truly believed in what they were doing and had the courage to stand up and take action. is that a trait for many in our world today?

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