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in His grip, thankfully!

time to withdraw

today i asked to officially withdraw from my dmin courses at fuller.  i hate doing it because it was so amazing, but it was a good decision i’ve been contemplating for over a month now.  if you were wondering why in deeper detail, blow is the letter i sent to my fellow classmates that might give you some better insight

pax: ty

this is a very hard message to write to all of you because i had such and amazing time in the cohort, but today i am officially withdrawing from the dmin program.

i’ve been wrestling with this for a few months now and have been sitting on my final decision for a few weeks to see how i would feel. as much as i will miss chap, all of my fellow students and the great staff in the office, i really am at peace with my decision.

the material we are learning and the impact it’s had already on my ministry have been beyond what i could have hoped for. i will miss not being there next winter for classes and being around all of you. just the conversations and thinking with my staff, parents and other leaders in my area have revolved around what we talked about last winter and many of us are significantly changing what we are doing because of all of our thinking that took place. God is and will continue to do amazing work through each of you.

it came down to looking at the next few years of my life and my ministry and deciding the dmin program would be too much for me. we all have different capacities for work, study and play and this would have been pushing my limits. i want to be available for my wife, to start a family, to relax from the pressure of full time ministry and more. after doing all the reading, the class time and much of the research and some of the writing for my paper, i couldn’t see myself continuing at that pace for the next three years.

i praise God for each of you. all of you have impacted me and helped me to realize that my call to youth ministry is still deeply ingrained on my. i want to continue to grow in my capacity for ministry and i’m disappointed it won’t be with all of you through the cohort. my each of you be blessed and sustained in you ministry and in the work of research and reading.

thank you chap for being an amazing and caring instructor and someone it will be very hard not to sit under and learn from you. you have a great team at fuller and an i can’t wait to see what will become of each of you as you continue on in the journey.

i pray that my path may cross with each of you again someday and i will miss you all tremendously. expect a treat or two during the cohort next winter. oh, and i would love to read any of your papers that you want to send my way! you are all loved!

with peace yet a lot of sadness,



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  1. Did you withdraw from blogging also?

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