u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!


well it’s official.  i’m going to be a dad!  dawn is almost 8 weeks pregnant and feeling really sick.  we were going to wait to share this information but people are figuring out by how sick she is and how little they have seen her.

so next april we’ll have our first child. i’m rooting for a boy, but that’s just because my sister has three girls and we need some males in the family to balance it out!  we’re pretty excited and i just have to work at not making it any more difficult for dawn right now because of how sick she’s been.  btw, what’s up with the hyper-sensitivity to smells.  if women are going to get these “superpowers” while they are pregnant they might as be something useful, like super-strength or flying, instead of something that makes you gag and puke all the time!

God does know what he’s doing though.  if guys had to go through this there would be no more human race…

pax: ty


5 Responses to “daddy”

  1. yeah!!!! congrats.

  2. Wow!! Good News! Congratulations!! Hope Dawn feels better soon!

  3. Suddenly I feel so old!

  4. Congrats Ty. That’s great! Welcome to the world of daddyhood!

  5. This is such great news!
    Congratulations Hogue – soon to be family of 3!!!!

    Vickie B.

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