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things i would like to do as a dad

now that we have our little one on the way, there are some things i’ve always wanted to do as a dad with my son or daughter. some of this may not be able to happen for a while, but why not get thinking about it?

  • spend time reading
  • fish a lot
  • get a burley and take bike rides
  • have a hobby together
  • let mommy have a day to herself
  • wrestle on the floor like my dad, sister and i did
  • go camping as a family
  • have a weekly breakfast date
  • build forts
  • have our own special snack
  • go to baseball games
  • throw the ball around
  • hike and backpack
  • work in the yard together
  • take naps in the hammock
  • teach them to swim, ski and rock climb
  • scare mommy
  • do nice things for mommy
  • take summer vacations to nerdy historical places
  • take them to summer camp

and probably a whole lot more.  but i definately want to start some cool family traditions and let my child be a part of the ministry i’m involved in.  it’s gonna be sweet.  execpt the lack of sleep and diapper part!

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2 Responses to “things i would like to do as a dad”

  1. Hey man…found my way to your blog from mine. I liked this list. We made a tradition of having pancakes and eggs every Saturday with the kids. It takes some commitment, but it is so worth it!

    Blessings to you and your family!

  2. Also, my boy and I go on “Man Days” every week after pancakes. We do whatever he wants (with reason). It’s good bonding time. Daughter and I will eventually start DD Days (Daddy/Daughter) when she’s old enough.

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