u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

i have a savior, thank you.

obama. mccain.  neither one of them will save the world, save the country or point the way to God.  i already have a savior who wants me to live in his love and share that love with the world around me.

obama will not pay my mortgage and mccain will not add to my roth ira.  it’s pretty sad how so many americans are pinning all their hopes and dreams on their candidate.  what happened to people caring for their families, being responsible for their own actions and working together to support each other when times are tough?

i’m sorry, i just don’t think our government or politicians will ever be the solution to our woes or that they will ever share either my faith or my convictions.  people living in Christ and acting from that relationship will do what no government ever can.

pax: ty

and i’m avoiding the returns tonight like the plague!


2 Responses to “i have a savior, thank you.”

  1. Bring it brother! But did you get your free coffee, free Krispy Kremes, free ice cream, free meals and free sex toys for voting??

  2. You very right Big Brother, we do have a Savior who is in control, BUT… we are trying to fight for what we believe in and if the Christians would stand up for the values taught in the bible, we wouldn’t be this far down the liberal road in this country! Abortion, gay marriage, teaching are kids sex education in Kindergarten, letting are girls get abortions without having consent, Christian organizations and churchese having to hire people regardless of faith and orientation….those didn’t come from the Republican agenda! Are we suppossed to take only parts of the bible as truth? Are we suppossed to totally rely on the Lord to do a miracle or as Focus On The Family says.. Are we suppossed to GET INVOLVED to stop these things from happening! How did this nation get Prayer out of schools? Because we, as Christians were not active enough in voting and keeping informed! The Christians in the country have been WAY to appethetic when it comes to politics… Or maybe scared of the “seperation of church and state” Well, we have a duty AS a Christian to be wise, use our minds and be active in doing the Lords work in all areas… Sorry to get on my soap box bro.. but today is a sad day because my values were not represented in Obama and the most liberal Senator in our history! I cry for this Nation today and cry for how my kids will be affected by the outcome of this election in the years to come…

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