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we get to…

[this post is not a reaction against obama’s election, just some thoughts that have been brewing that i hope have at least some shred of coherence!]

this morning as people react to the election, i think i’m thinking along different lines than some.  some are screaming and shouting about how horrible life will be and others are looking with true joy and hope in their eyes that things will change for something better. like i posted yesterday, mccain or obama will not be our savior and looking to them to fix our woes have never seemed like the answer.  right now, i don’t know what will happen but i’m not that worried.

one thing however that i’ve started realizing lately is that we do live in a post-Christian country.  it is not the norm that Christian values and morals are that standard and we have become the weirdos, freaks and marginalized.

and that’s really ok!


why, because we have Jesus!  and because maybe with the government and societal support for Christian values eroding, Christians can actually be the ones that live out those values and relationships as Christ intended in the first place.

and along with the society rejecting what we have let represent Christianity, we see some collapse happening in some of the other idols of our age like the economy, our security, our ability to rely on credit and stoke the fires or our materialism.  now we have to either make faith something that is living in our lives and through our lives or stop bothering.  when our moral ideals are being championed by someone or something else, then we don’t have to bother with it much and can go back to doing whatever we want until the next time we have to elect someone or make a contribution.  we will will increasingly not have that ability anymore and we will have to make things happen in order to live out the message and love of Christ.

so now in a growing post-Christian landscape, it can actually be Christians taking ownership and responsibility for living out of the relationship we have with Christ.  instead of getting all hyped up over whether or not our government will support our ideals and if our society is going to fight against us, why not work in our daily lives to love and care for everyone around us. getting involved in the political field is fine, but maybe a much better way that working at the top is to be working with people in personal and practical ways that show the love of Christ.  maybe there won’t need to be such a fight over abortions in the future because Christians work to love and support those finding no other alternative and no way out of their poverty or hurt in their lives.  are we seeking out those who are teen mothers who everyone wants to condemn?  maybe if Christians stop spending our money on our toys and comfort we might be able to offer jobs, education and assistance to those who need the encouragement and assistance to find a better life for themselves and their family.  maybe instead of worrying about not having prayer legislated in public schools we should be finding ways to get involved at public schools where we get to know students and teachers and spend the time praying for them ourselves.

should we really look to our government to care for people or should the people of Christ be the ones stepping it up and sacrificing for others?  hmm… and caring for people is not just with our donations, but with our lives. paul said it in scripture when he not only talked about sharing the gospel with people, but his life to because they had become so dear to him.  the world that God has made and Christ has redeemed should be that way to us as well.  each person so dear that we want to share our lives with them.   those live shared will care for hurts, feed stomachs and souls and give more hope and bring more change than any government, politician or political party every will.

oh by the way, i’m not very good at any of these ideas very often either, but it something that dawn and i are are seeking to become better at and intentionally build into our lives.  all of these ways to live should not fall on the back of anyone else but ourselves and those who willingly seek to grow in Christ.

so pray for our new president, support your local government wherever you can, but count on Christ living in you and I to be what actually makes any difference in our world. and this will be a very exciting time for God’s people to live in because it will not be up to anyone else than us, through the power of the Spirit of God, to do what we should have been doing all along: liveCHRIST!  because we get to!

pax: ty


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