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in His grip, thankfully!

stinking independence

i’m tired of independence and individualism. they are two concepts that have played out horribly for the most part in human existance…

• they separated us from God in the garden

• they block our interdependence and love for each other

• they give us too high a view of our own achievements and worth

• they isolate us in time when we are hurting and need to reach out to each other

• they have driven our culture and our country to the point of arrogance and selfishness

• they are not modeled for us in any way through scripture or by the nature of the Godhead

• they blind us to the causes, needs and pain of others

• they exalt us to the top of the heap over others

• they proclaim a false gospel of pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps and blaming others for their issues

it’s just a very hurting and messed up world that we live in and some days that is driven home with absolute clarity.  Lord grant us the ability not to get stuck or frozen in our ignorance in how to help, but to be drawn to love and be with those that are in pain.  let us not become weary in the work God calls us to!

pax: ty

oh, and if you’re trying to figure it out, i’m writing this post from a place of anger and hurt because i’m hurting for someone else who doesn’t know how to express hurt and shouldn’t have to know how to!

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