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i resolve to live [part two]

thanks to those who left encouragement for my last post.  it means so much and i do appreciate it.

i think resolving to live means also more than just not being 6 feet under.  it means appreciating and experiencing life!

the last few days i’ve been thinking about what living means since we have a little more than three months left until there is a new life coming home to our house.  right now i get to do what i want to do when i want to do it and so does dawn.  neither one of us are possessive about having to be with each other every moment.  because we like to be together we are much of the time, but it’s also ok when we both go do our own thing.  now, with the baby just a few short months away, we will be responsible together for making sure that the baby is taken care of, watched over and a central part of our lives.  now living means investing our life into another more fragile and new life.

i know my hope is that the baby will help us see life anew again and also get us living life beyond ourselves. everything will change when the baby is actually here, but i’m hoping that there will be ways to bring him/her into what we do in our lives.  so taking trips, going outside, being in the back yard, doing some of my work hopefully will be able to in significant ways include our child.  [parents you can start laughing and my naivete right now!]

so not only do i want to be healthier and still breathing next christmas, but really also feeling like i have lived life along with dawn and baby hogue!  being outside, reading, seeing our state, learning something new, kayaking and walking and working more around the house are some of the things i think would be part of what living means for me.

pax: ty

ps: the preferences for baby hogue are 50/50 in our house and probably weighted a little toward having a girl by the rest of our families.


One Response to “i resolve to live [part two]”

  1. Great post Ty. Ceci and I committed when we had kids that they would be an active part of our lives – meaning that we were still going to do the things we want to do, but now we were just going to include them. Meaning, if we were hanging out with friends, the baby would come. You are not naive in wanting to include your child in work, chores, hobbies, etc. In fact, it’s a very healthy thing. I used to take my girls for a run with me – actually I still do, and we love it. They have grown to love it too. One doesn’t have to stop their life just because they have a child. In fact, children give us a greater desire to live – because we want to show our children the beautiful world we live in and the beautiful creator this world belongs to.

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