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in His grip, thankfully!

God watches over us

this morning i’m grateful for the way God watches over us.  dawn was in an accident last night where someone hit her car from behind.  it could have been a much worse accident and i’m most grateful for the fact that she and the baby seem to be doing well.  we spend about 6 hours in the hosptial running tests to make sure there was no injury to the baby and that dawn wasn’t going to start any contractions.  now she’s staying home today to take it easy and she’s pretty sore and stiff.

we may not always think that God is watching over us and we may not always like the outcomes of  happening like accidents or illness, but God is tiall there, interceeding and caring for us.  so praise God that this morning i still have a wife and baby who are with me!

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One Response to “God watches over us”

  1. So glad Dawn and the baby are OK. Praying for quick recovery from aches and pains.

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