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things the baby needs to know about mommy

so with the baby about three months away, i was thinking of some things i should let the baby know about mommy that would be beneficial to their future survival in the house.  so here are some of the things i can think of that will make their transition into our home easier and more productive…

  • mommy loves ice cream.  she can eat it three meals a day if i let her.  so if you’re ever in really big trouble, bring out the ice cream.
  • tickling is bad.  if mommy is tickled relentlessly she will start to kick with considerable force and not care if anyone is in the way or not.  also, with relentless tickling, she tends to stop breathing and you must let up a bit to let her catch her breath.  best tip, don’t tickle mom.
  • cuddling is a big plus.  hopping up on mommy’s lap and snuggling in will get you far.  it’s kinda hard for daddy to snuggle on her lap because i’m a bit too large and tend to crush mommy.
  • mommy procrastinates around the house.  so that means that we all have to pitch in to help clean up after ourselves, do laundry and help with meals.  it’s actually a good thing because it means everyone works to get things done and we get to cook what we like too.
  • chocolate.  the darker the better and combines very well in the ice cream category.  on the upside is that there will usually be some kinda chocolate in the house.  the downside is that if you have chocolate stashed in your room, mommy will probably sniff it out and take it.  then, she’ll probably lie about taking too.  mommy is not quite perfect.
  • scrapbooking.  this could be a whole post. i pray you are a boy because then all you have to do is once in awhile look at her progress.  if you’re a girl, we’re going to go broke.
  • hot showers are usually long for mommy.  this means cooler showers for us and more time getting ready before we go places.  if you wind up being a girl, it will mean daddy better get used to nothing but cold showers.  if you’re a boy, it means i’ll have someone to hang with while we wait for mommy.
  • games.  mommy [and daddy] loves to play games.  the farming game will be one we play a lot.  mommy likes to think she rules at this game, but daddy usually kicks her butt.  she does however usually win at racko and scrabble and loves it because it frustrates daddy because of her ridiculously unbelievable luck in those games.  not skill, but luck.  and oh, btw, don’t play mommy in monopoly. she cries when she looses so just stay away from the game.
  • books will be something you will be surrounded with.  your mom already has books she’s been saving for years to read to you, give you and she’ll be excited about introducing you to her favorite authors.  we’re going to have a real problem if you’re a boy because daddy’s going to have a hard time with you reading anne of green gables and the little house on the prairie books.
  • movies. this category will depend on if you’re a boy or girl.  if a girl, you’ll love mommy’s selection of chick flicks and old time movies.  if you’re a boy you can come downstairs with me and play my old xbox and watch my old war movies.
  • vacation will rock with mommy and daddy. it will consist of camping, hiking, fishing, museums, historical sites, national parks, road trips, historical markers, civil war sites, railroad trips, model train stores, scrap-booking stores, historical museums, historical forts, books and visiting family.  you may want to start thinking of friends you can go on vacation with as soon as possible.
  • lots of love. you will be unbelievably loved by your mommy [and daddy]. she has a huge heart, loves to laugh, will sit for hours and read to you, play games with you, be very patient, sneak you off for ice cream and be the best mommy you could ever dream of.  we don’t eat fish, aren’t really crazy about veggies and you’ll always be very, very loved.

well, that’s about it for now.  so learn and remember these and you’ll be just fine.  in case you’re wondering, daddy is amazingly cool and much more normal than mommy. i’ll be going to the basement to work on my model train now.

pax: daddy [ty]


16 Responses to “things the baby needs to know about mommy”

  1. lovely post! all the best! 🙂

  2. Hrm. As a kid I read both Anne of Green Gables and the Little House series. As an adult I own “When Harry Met Sally”.

    You might find yourself reading some new books, Ty 🙂

  3. Skip and Brad will have to teach a boy the real things of manhood – like NASCAR!!!

  4. This is so awesome!!! Love your post- I was laughing! I ‘met’ you on Colleen’s AKOTC Blog. Congratulations on the soon coming baby- what a blessing!!!

  5. That has to be one of the ALL TIME BEST post on a blog! I laughed and cried and am just so happy for the both of you! Love you lots!!! Laura

  6. Ty….what a beautiful tribute of sorts to Dawn! I wish I could get my DH to do such things! Sounds like Baby Hogue is already very, very loved!!!! You think you love him/her now?? Just wait until that day in the delivery room…the amount of emotion will hit you like a tidal wave!!!

  7. grats on the bebe!

  8. Wandered over here from your sister’s blog, A Kiss on the Chic. This is an awesome post – and so thoughtful for a man to do (I know, I know, that seems sexist, but just basing it on my personal experiences). Congratulations on the pending arrival!

  9. Ty haven’t you heard about Daddy’s girls? I could gut and scale a fish by the time I was 6. I grew up reading Louis L’mour westerns. So if it’s a she-don’t count her out on the x-box and war movies. Now I don’t want to scare you about tomboys-I was a cheerleader and homecoming queen. You can have the best of both worlds.

  10. Wow, I really like mommy and daddy sounds pretty cool too. This kid is going to get LOTS of love with mommy, daddy and Aunt Laura. If I remember Laura’s blogs right, there are some pretty cool grandparents around also. Best of luck; can’t wait to see pics.

  11. I really enjoyed reading ur list ! Laura sent me this way ;’ ) Congrats !!!!

  12. wow ty you sure no alot about dawn,and thats the way it should be sounds like you two will be great parents…

  13. Your are 2 precious to be posting this stuff about your honeys pregnancy! 🙂 I wondered here through your sisters blog. You both are a kick!

  14. This was really the light of my day reading your post! Too funny!

  15. What a blessing to read such a thoughtful list of advice for your soon-to-arrive baby! I’m certain that he/she will be thankful that you’ve shared all this information with him/her…it would be wonderful to include in a scrapbook album (can you tell that I came here by way of your sister’s blog? LOL!). I loved reading it, and wish that we could have thought about doing something like this for our children before they were born.

    May you and Dawn be blessed with a healthy baby, and may God continue to bless your family as you share His love with the precious gift He will be blessing you with soon: your newborn child. Enjoy parenthood..the two of you sound like you will already make wonderful parents and your child will be so very well loved! 🙂

  16. Hello! I popped in from your sister’s site! What a great post, so very sweet! Congrats to you & Dawn on your upcoming bundle of joy!

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