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hmm… payback time

so did i just get pranked by my sister for april fools day?  i’ve been getting comments all day from my sister’s scrapbooking community on my blog post about dawn becoming a mommy.

actually it’s kind of touching. thanks for the great comments so far.  but since my sister was so kind to send the flood my way, i thought i might enlighten her friends a bit.

so ladies who migrate here from akotc, here are a few things you should know about my sister…

  • worked for an accountant for a number of years and then married one.  you would think she would be better at math because of that but obviously only really uses math now to figure out the discounts she gives on her kits.
  • drives a car bigger than my house.  not very pc or earth friendly, but the beast is useful to hold the girls and the in-n-out wrappers.
  • spelling and grammar challenged at times.  this one runs in the family i think because i have it too.
  • sings amazingly well. we both sang in church choir but her “mic” was on and mine was shut off i’m that bad. she could have kept being in choirs, could have been in a band, could have done some musical work, but never ran with it.  the down side to this is that she doesn’t sing any more. you should have at least started your own group like “his womenfolk”.  ask her about that!
  • hated getting picked on by her older brother. probably has a few scars and facial tics from it.  i don’t remember it being so bad.
  • has been and kinda still is a yuppy • preppy.  i wish i had some of the pictures on line of her back in high school.  very pretty, very put together, but amazingly preppy with her group of friends.
  • [this one throws her under the bus] sucking her palm!  yup, you read that right.  she didn’t suck her thumb but the center of her palm while she rubbed her middle finger back and forth across her nose.  it’s a hard one to picture but it was very funny looking and make an awful sucking sound. i wish i could demonstrate because you would be rolling on the ground laughing.  it was horrible.  especially when you have to share a room with your little sister because grandma and grandpa are in town sleeping in your bed for over a month and they are so strict that they don’t let you watch tv, eat candy or do anything fun.  oops, i digress.

well, that’s all for now.  i could come up with more, but i have a thank you dinner for our youth ministries tonight and need to be productive.

i love you laura, you’re an amazing sister!

pax: ty


8 Responses to “hmm… payback time”

  1. Ty, Not the palm, ucgh. If you have a pic post it on her blog, would love to see it. Any way God Bless you both and protect you and your soon to be born babe!

  2. That’s hilarious! So nice of you to share about your sis!

  3. Hilarious…thanks for sharing such funny stories about your sis – it’s only fair since she dumped all us crazies onto you today!! Sending prayers your way that you have a healthy baby!!

  4. Great post:) So funny. Thanks for sharing!!


  6. This was an interesting read. Isn’t it great to be close to your sibling? Good luck on parenthood!

  7. haha… I love the palm sucking…LOL. I have had the great opportunity to meet your sis in real life and I will have to say she is just a sweet heart. I’m sure she will be the perfect aunt ready to spoil your soon to be bundle of joy… Well wishes and will keep your family in my thoughts for a smooth delivery.

    Elisa K

  8. LOL, I just came over to say a big HELLO and congrats on the upcoming birth of your little bundle of joy (and sleepless nights)
    Yes I did come over from Laura’s blog.
    ROFLOL at your sisters antics especially the palm sucking

    Thanks for sharing with us
    Leanne 🙂

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