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in His grip, thankfully!

what is up with me?

i don’t know what is with me this last week or so.  maybe i’ll attribute it to the baby coming and starting to stress out about if everything will be alright with dawn and the baby.  maybe it’s being sick of being cold and not seeing the sun. either way, i’ve been strange lately.

how you ask?

i feel like i’m a bit hyper-sensitive or a bit “pissy” or moody.

and i don’t like it.  things are setting me off, people are setting me off, things are setting me off.

not into any screaming tirades but just a bit of a funk and whining. [which i realize is what this post kinda is: whining!]  i just don’t like it and i’m hoping by seeing it in me and writing about it, that this process will start to help me change.  maybe the baby just needs to come and we can get on with living life in new ways with a baby in the house.

whatever it is, i just want to be happier and less pissy!

pax: ty


2 Responses to “what is up with me?”

  1. Hang in there Ty! I think we can all relate on some level these days. Winter just seems to be dragging on at an unusual rate this year. In no time the sun will be shining more consistently, weather warmer will be here to stay, grills are going to be fired-up, and a sweet baby will trump it all!

    A little whining is o.k. now and then. I’ve been doing my fair share. I find myself dealing with it by wanting to make changes – sometimes it’s just re-arranging the living room furniture or organizing a closet. I feel accomplished somehow. I find it therapeutic so I don’t go out and binge on spending money – like I want to do today. Hmmm…new car? Summer, please come soon!

  2. all that to answer your one question “what’s up with me?” – You’re normal!

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