u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

sweating helps

a few days ago i posted about being a wee bit “pissy” about stuff in life.  usually [and thankfully] when i’m get this way it’s not that terribly long that it lasts and i can get back to normal. not that i’m that terribly normal.  yesterday after a great staff meeting with our youth ministry and anchor staff and some chinese buffet, i was able to grab my chainsaw and break a sweat out in the woods.  today before and after a “surprise” baby shower for us by the church staff i was also able to get out and cut away.

we’re working on creating a community garden behind church on some of the 14 acres of land we have.  so, my trusty stihl in hand i got to work outside cutting down some trees, cutting logs, trimming back branches and clearing out undergrowth.  i love spring break weeks where i can just get out and be physical and not have to think about much other than the job at hand.

it’s therapy with wood chips, splinters and two-stroke exhaust!  sweetness…

pax: ty


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