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due date

well today is dawn’s due date for the baby…

…and nothing happening much yet.  we had a false alarm on friday afternoon/evening but nothing materialized.  she got down to 10 minute contractions and then sat down and they went away.  big bummer actually.  it would have been great to have a baby in our hands already. oh well, God knows the timing.

so know the hope is to wait until tomorrow.  dawn has an appointment with her dr. to see how she’s progressing and we’ll bring everything with us in case it’s time to have the little one.

so, it’s been 40 weeks of pregnancy today.  strange to think back about it all.  it feels like it went fast in some ways when you think it was just july when we found out.  and it feels like an eternity when you think how sick dawn has been and how miserable she’s felt for many of the weeks of her pregnancy.  at least this last week, our spring break, she’s been able to relax, feel really good and have fun scrap booking.  i’m happy that she had a stress free week.

now she’s cleaning up around the house and puttering like mad.  nesting in overload i guess!  maybe the baby will come today with all this work going on.  we might even bump it along by trying a local urban legend.  we might go to go to crazy horse tonight for a chicken burrito.  it’s “guaranteed” to bring baby into the world if you are past your due date.  maybe it will work if it is the due date too!

pax:  ty


2 Responses to “due date”

  1. Ha! I had a chicken burrito last week – and – nothing! Hope it works for you! I guess my problem was it wasn’t at Crazy Horse (nor was I pregnant)! Seriously, been thinking of you guys these last few days (even a quick prayer for you this morning as I drove by your street)! Looking forward to someday soon meeting baby Hogue!

  2. Don’t try a favorite food for the purpose of going into labor; she might never want to eat that again–not fair to waste such a pleasure. Just eat something potent, but one you won’t care about missing later. Hot dogs are basically out the window as far as I’m concerned b/o that experience.

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