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appalachian trail • gettysburg • ace adventure center

January 2, 2008

  so, i’m finalizing plans for a father•son trip this summer.  we’re heading for… west virginia and the ace adventure center where we are kayaking, whitewater rafting and rock climbing. then to pennsylvania to hike a day or two on the appalachian trail. then to gettysburg to camp and visit the civil war battlefield. it […]

king of the road

June 22, 2007

i’m off again.  tomorrow morning myself and 7 other dudes head to north carolina to backpack on the appalachian trail. it should be sweet.  we wrap it up with whitewater rafting.  again, sweet. so the blog will be little light for awhile. hopefully you’re all enjoying your summer outside instead of reading my stupid blog. […]

perfect days

June 20, 2007

after the initial rain and wind, yesterday and today have been perfect days.  there is something about waking up in a tent on a beautifully sunny morning with a bit of a breeze and the birds singing that makes for the perfect start to a day. it’s gorgeous out here and i wish we could […]

lost on me

June 19, 2007

so, the allure and mystique of the flea market at shipshewana is pretty much lost on me.  it’s cool, but i thought it was an amish craft markety thingy.  but no, it’s your standard swap meet – flea market.  it reminded me of the orange county swap meet back home, but with more of a […]

shipshewana with 15 minutes of wifi

June 18, 2007

so dawn and i are sweating to death on our camping trip to shipshewana. got here this evening and staying until wednesday. it should be fun but right now the warm temps on flannel sleeping bags is less than enjoyable. oh well, it’s time with my wife and that’s worth it! more later because my […]

parents night

May 30, 2007

  so night one went well at the state park.  unfortunately i didn’t see anyone yet, but we got the motor home in [it’s a sweet beast!] and set up and then i grabbed the movie sahara and settled into the air conditioned bedroom and watched until i fell asleep. so tonight it’s a parents […]

beach week begins

May 29, 2007

as part of my rough and really rough job [obviously a joke] i head out to holland state park to camp for the next 10 nights while the seniors our out there for beach week.  it’s the tradition here that seniors camp the week they graduate and when i got here they thought it would […]

got gear?

May 2, 2007

i don’t know how many people read this blog, but i thought i would put out a request for my youth group and see what happens. i’ve always wanted to be able have enough camping, fishing, cannoning/kayaking equipment to take groups of 10 to 12 on trips. there are a number of trips i’m taking […]

new tent

April 15, 2007

i’m getting excited. yesterday i got a new tent in the mail, tomorrow i get my gps back!  why the excitement?  because i’m planning and getting ready for a summer backpacking trip with my students. i think the planning and prep are sometimes just as fun as the trip itself.  tuesday i leave for a […]