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coffee talk

October 21, 2007

i get to go be a part of a ys focus group in a few minutes. taking about their store, their products and probably the convention too. it should be a good time and they are really looking for feedback and critique not just “ys is great, you guys rock”! i should be capable of […]

days of sunshine

October 20, 2007

being here in san diego has been awesome because of the temps and sunshine. it’s sunny, warm but cool evenings. perfect mediterranean climate! it’s been so great to walk around in shorts and t-shirts instead of the storms and colder weather back in holland. although i love living now in the mid-west instead of out […]

it’s getting really old

October 11, 2007

usually about once a week i’m still awake at the wee hours of the morning staring at the tv or my laptop.  why? my guess is two things in my life that are keeping me from sleeping well and these need to change sooner rather than later.  this first it caffeine. the second exercise.  i […]

coffee is evil

April 4, 2007

  from tired and falling asleep to wide awake and restless just a few hours later. grrr! once again, it’s getting late [1:30 am] and i’m out on the couch watching a cheesy 80’s movie. [the last starfighter] i know too much caffeine bothers me if i drink it after one or two in the […]

nema cafe’

March 20, 2007

in an effort to raise funds for our missions here at harderwyk , i’m in the middle of setting up our commercial espresso machine in the lobby of the church. we’ve been using it for the last few years with youth ministry, but now we are going to copycat an idea from several area churches. […]