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pulling back the curtain • part three

March 27, 2008

finding our way forward with students and their families is going to take knowing the cultural landscape, understanding our theological “rocks” that are non-negotiable and then making intelligent choices based on those two things. the cultural landscape of students these points are based on the research of chap clark in his book “hurt” we may […]

pulling back the curtain • part two

March 26, 2008

[NOTE: This is an article for our church newsletter, hence the capital letters and real punctuation.] One of Dawn’s favorite classic movies is “The Wizard of Oz”. I remember that movie as a kid and watching the scene were Toto the dog pulls back the curtain to expose what is really going on with the […]

stupidity abounds

March 17, 2008

i’m watching the news this morning and there is so much stupidity that goes on in the world… mortgage and housing crisis financial markets scare uplifting of every spoiled celebrity china stomping on tibet the never ending situation in iraq partying up in celebration of a Christian saint do i need to go on? our […]

the battle is rough

October 29, 2007

sometimes it seems like the battle for hearts and minds [to use vietnam terminology] is a rough one.  one that i feel so beat up keeping in the middle of. trying to shape and pass on a biblical world view to students seems to get rougher and tougher the longer i am in youth ministry. […]

three for three: smoke and mirrors

October 20, 2007

as i’m sitting here by the pool with my anti-session angst, i glance over to see walt mueller, the speaker from my last seminar. he’s good. really good and you should check out his resources and seminars whenever you get the chance.  his web page is the center for youth and family understanding.  i know […]