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stupidity abounds

March 17, 2008

i’m watching the news this morning and there is so much stupidity that goes on in the world… mortgage and housing crisis financial markets scare uplifting of every spoiled celebrity china stomping on tibet the never ending situation in iraq partying up in celebration of a Christian saint do i need to go on? our […]

my brain hurts

February 26, 2008

between conversations in class, discussion and lecture, all my reading and all my thinking, but sprinkle in the unknown of the future with what i will be doing with and from this degree and a healthy dose of the overwhelming nature of everything that is being addressed in the reading about culture, change, the way […]

the battle is rough

October 29, 2007

sometimes it seems like the battle for hearts and minds [to use vietnam terminology] is a rough one.  one that i feel so beat up keeping in the middle of. trying to shape and pass on a biblical world view to students seems to get rougher and tougher the longer i am in youth ministry. […]

will someone please say no!

April 9, 2007

life and behavior is getting more and more ridiculous by the day! what am i talking about? the secret but not so secret life my students and their friends are living.  maybe it’s just that i’m really sensitive to it right now because everyone is home from spring break and posting pictures. maybe i shouldn’t […]

change of pace

April 3, 2007

the change of pace with the last few days has been very good. sometimes you wake up in the morning feeling like same life • different day. like not much changes. but the last few days has been a nice way to mix things up. going up north to trent and rockett’s cabin was a […]

in the same [life]boat

March 14, 2007

another day, another great conversation. in a matter of speaking that is. great in the sense that it was some more confirmation that what we are seeing in our youth ministry isn’t an isolated event.  less kids coming out, less commitment from parents, more busyness in students lives, are all happening in more and more […]

i won’t give up

March 7, 2007

simple post and promise to God… i won’t give up • i won’t quit now i need to hold on to his promise that he won’t leave me or forsake me! [btw, this doesn’t have anything to do with a personal moral crisis in my life or problems with my marriage to dawn.  those things […]

the future

March 3, 2007

today is future day on the discovery channel. it’s pretty sweet but it makes me think about stuff. as much as i love new technology… feel the need to have every new gadget… spend too much time on my laptop… i’m wondering if really are ready for the future and what it will bring? as […]


February 28, 2007

why, after all these years, does it seem like churches, councils, pastors and people just don’t see that ministry to students is important and can take place in a myriad of ways? there is no cookie cutter formula for doing ministry and building a trusting relationships with students is the important thing. this is all […]

hard to admit

February 25, 2007

as much as i don’t want to admit it, and it’s hard for me to say, here it is. i feel jealous and sometimes inadequate when i know kids from my church and youth group are involved or connected or just check out another youth group. i don’t blame them for going where their friends […]