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the burrito has been consumed!

April 13, 2009

so, we are testing a local legend tonight.  the crazy horse chicken fajita burrito has been consumed by dawn.  lore and legend say that it induces labor. we’ll see if it’s true. it was consumed by dawn at 5:45 pm eastern daylight savings time on monday, april 13th, 2009. let the countdown begin! pax: ty […]

due date

April 13, 2009

well today is dawn’s due date for the baby… …and nothing happening much yet.  we had a false alarm on friday afternoon/evening but nothing materialized.  she got down to 10 minute contractions and then sat down and they went away.  big bummer actually.  it would have been great to have a baby in our hands […]

studying at your parents

February 26, 2008

so being back at school means being in california.  being in california means being at my parents house for the next two weeks.  and that means i need to find a starbucks or library to get any work done. don’t get me wrong, i love my parents, but because they don’t see me often they […]

california bound

February 23, 2008

dawn made it safe to chicago and is about ready to board her first flight, which is to houston. then they head to guatamala city and should get there about the time i’m landing in minneapolis because today i’m on my way.  tonight by 9 pm pacific time i’ll be in los angeles.  two weeks […]

tasty treats

December 23, 2007

it’s a very bad thing to let me go to the grocery store hungry around the holidays. or actually anytime for that matter. this time of year we all have our favorites and the temptation to squeeze them all into the menu can be a bit overwhelming. the budget goes out the window and everything […]

just call me king henry

December 13, 2007

so, in the growing array of health issues i’m dealing with, gout is the next one.  when i hear that word i think of king henry the VIII eating a giant turkey wing.  it’s known he had gout later in life along with syphilis.  makes me really happy it’s just the gout i’m dealing with! […]

sioux center’s finest

November 1, 2007

so tonight was the culinary delight that is pizza ranch.  mashed potatoes, gravy, fried chicken, pizza, pleny of carbs and dessert pizza! it was tasty and it was amazing to see who “the ranch” serves as the fine dining for sioux center. the best was hanging out with students and seeing what’s going on with […]

breakfast in san diego

October 18, 2007

so i’m waiting for my buddy and his delayed flight into san diego.  so what to do? you guessed it, breakfast at denny’s.  sometimes you just get a hankerin for a little chicken friend steak, gravy, eggs and hash-browns!  mmm… i should be able to take a long walk today after my first seminar is […]


October 9, 2007

captain sundae has closed for the season, at least the one by our house.  usually that means fall is here [which it’s not yet] and that winter is on the way. tear… for no more tasty treats til spring and for winter on the way. pax: ty

this makes up for being tired!

August 6, 2007

i’m pretty tired already this afternoon and it’s only day one! however, going out for lunch on the lake at boatwerks, helps a little bit! 8 of us from serve had a great lunch on the patio overlooking the lake macatawa. mmm… pax: ty