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March 19, 2008

  we got a wii! i had signed up a few weeks ago at wiiallerts.com to be able to get notices whenever there are some available at a store or on-line.  we want one for our youth building at church and for our middle school dances. well, i just nabbed one from amazon.com and about […]


March 12, 2008

i’ve never done this but it seemed kinda cool.  i googled “ty needs”… ty needs a dj ty needs a crash course in he school of hard beats ty needs sleep ty needs help ty needs glasses ty needs to feed his family ty needs some good exposure ty needs your vote ty needs confirmation […]


October 9, 2007

captain sundae has closed for the season, at least the one by our house.  usually that means fall is here [which it’s not yet] and that winter is on the way. tear… for no more tasty treats til spring and for winter on the way. pax: ty

king of the road

June 22, 2007

i’m off again.  tomorrow morning myself and 7 other dudes head to north carolina to backpack on the appalachian trail. it should be sweet.  we wrap it up with whitewater rafting.  again, sweet. so the blog will be little light for awhile. hopefully you’re all enjoying your summer outside instead of reading my stupid blog. […]

shipshewana with 15 minutes of wifi

June 18, 2007

so dawn and i are sweating to death on our camping trip to shipshewana. got here this evening and staying until wednesday. it should be fun but right now the warm temps on flannel sleeping bags is less than enjoyable. oh well, it’s time with my wife and that’s worth it! more later because my […]

sweat and dogs

June 13, 2007

well, the bbq is in the bag for another year and we had at least 100 people there to enjoy the night. it was a bit warm out there in front of the bbq in full sun and mighty hot.  to say i was getting sweaty was an understatement! but seeing everyone have a great […]

parents night

May 30, 2007

  so night one went well at the state park.  unfortunately i didn’t see anyone yet, but we got the motor home in [it’s a sweet beast!] and set up and then i grabbed the movie sahara and settled into the air conditioned bedroom and watched until i fell asleep. so tonight it’s a parents […]


May 20, 2007

mackinac island is really amazing. it took way too long for me to finally make it up here and i’m sorry about that. however, i’m not sorry that i got to share this with dawn for my first visit. since i was a history major, like dawn, the fort, old buildings and historic markers are […]

get-away again

May 18, 2007

dawn and i are about to leave for mackinac island to help chaperone the 8th grade class trip this weekend. so it’s a get away, but it’s work too. it should be fun with her students and i’m excited because i’ve never been to the island. plus after the students leave for home saturday afternoon, […]


May 4, 2007

  so unofficially [in my book] summer has started! why?  because dawn and i just sat out on a pier in lake macatawa and watched the tulip time fireworks display out over the lake. it was cold and windy while waiting, but they were pretty sweet fireworks and as everyone knows, fireworks is a summer […]