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hmm… payback time

April 1, 2009

so did i just get pranked by my sister for april fools day?  i’ve been getting comments all day from my sister’s scrapbooking community on my blog post about dawn becoming a mommy. actually it’s kind of touching. thanks for the great comments so far.  but since my sister was so kind to send the […]

things the baby needs to know about mommy

January 11, 2009

so with the baby about three months away, i was thinking of some things i should let the baby know about mommy that would be beneficial to their future survival in the house.  so here are some of the things i can think of that will make their transition into our home easier and more […]


March 12, 2008

i’ve never done this but it seemed kinda cool.  i googled “ty needs”… ty needs a dj ty needs a crash course in he school of hard beats ty needs sleep ty needs help ty needs glasses ty needs to feed his family ty needs some good exposure ty needs your vote ty needs confirmation […]

air mattresses

June 14, 2007

so, it’s day five and i’m up at 5:45 this morning because my air mattress deflated and the cold hard ground was too much for my back. either somone is messing with me or i’ve gotten two deffective air mattesses or i’m just too stinkin fat. i’m going with the third option. pax: ty