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stinking independence

November 11, 2008

i’m tired of independence and individualism. they are two concepts that have played out horribly for the most part in human existance… • they separated us from God in the garden • they block our interdependence and love for each other • they give us too high a view of our own achievements and worth […]

sweet youth group night

January 27, 2008

tonight was sweet at youth group! just a few people but that made it more fun, more personal and more meaningful. besides the great food [chicken fajitas] and fun together playing spoons, we also had some very good time in God’s word.tonight’s topic was “everybody hurts”. no, not the r.e.m. song. so what we did […]

everything yet nothing changes

January 12, 2008

in the midst of death and tragedy, there has been tremendous change here in holland in the last week to a 48 hours. a mother has died a father is charged a heart attack threatens life cancer rears it’s ugly head a student has died and their friends injured and so many are mourning, grieving […]

my savior loves my savior lives

January 11, 2008

maybe these can be some words of hope and comfort [better than i would ever come up with] for some of the students and families around holland that are hurting these last few days and weeks. i know there are many who hurting are and probably even more that i don’t even know about. so […]