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impending sabbath [sabbatical]!

March 11, 2013

i’m pretty excited today. why? because three weeks from today i will officially be on sabbatical [sabbath rest] from my position at harderwyk ministries as youth pastor.  my prayer on this coming time away, that like my garden plot from last summer: life will grow and renew what God intends to flourish. i’m starting to […]

some sleep

January 8, 2008

well, after my first night using the cpap i did get some sleep. i remember waking up at 3 and at 5 and then the alarm went off at seven. both times didn’t seem like i was awake too terribly long before i feel back asleep. i know i don’t feel any more rested yet, […]

gadgets gone wrong

January 7, 2008

tonight i start sleeping with my very own cpap personal breathing machine.  i would much rather be sleeping next to my wife, but with the new machine i thought i would spend the first few nights on the bed in the basement so i get used to it without disturbing her. i know i love […]

test done

December 19, 2007

well, it looks like a cpap machine is in my future.  it took awhile to fall alseep last night at the sleep center with all the wires stuck to me but it was not as long as some nights when i can’t sleep. then about 2 am they came in with the cpap and hooked […]

sleep test

December 18, 2007

so i’m off in a couple of hours for my sleep test.  i have to drive to a doctors office and get hooked up to a bunch of monitors and try and sleep tonight.  they say the rooms and beds are comfortable and you really don’t feel the wires, but being the pessimist i am, […]

sleep test

December 14, 2007

so my guess is that this is what my night times will look like soon.  i head in for a sleep test next week for sleep apnea. according to the doctor, my anatomy is just right for having it.  too small of an airway, off center nose [what?] and extra folds in the back of […]

just call me king henry

December 13, 2007

so, in the growing array of health issues i’m dealing with, gout is the next one.  when i hear that word i think of king henry the VIII eating a giant turkey wing.  it’s known he had gout later in life along with syphilis.  makes me really happy it’s just the gout i’m dealing with! […]