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shrinking world

April 19, 2009

there have been several significant moments in my world in the last few days since ella’s birth. the one i’m thinking about right now is how my world just shrank considerably.  i doubt it’s permanent, but for the moment it’s very tangible.  this house, and our living room to be more precise, is our world […]

plan b

April 1, 2008

our friends who we were planning on buying their house when they moved are now no longer moving. so it’s plan b time. it’s actually pretty sad that the opportunity they had dried up literally overnight, although i’m really glad they will get to stay living here for the immediate future.  they may have other […]

house for sale

March 14, 2008

monday we’re putting up our house for sale.  we met with our real estate agent yesterday to talk about specifics.  the great thing is that we feel great about our agent and his ability to do his best to sell our place. the disappointing thing is the housing market we are in right now.  our […]

home and happy

March 8, 2008

walking off the plane in shorts this morning with a 10 degree temperature outside makes you realize really fast that you’re back home in michigan.  but i’m home, i’m with dawn and i couldn’t be happier! and now, what will i do?  i’m going to read a book just for the fun of it.  maybe […]

good to be home

October 23, 2007

although it was really late, i haven’t slept well, i feel a little out of sorts and it was fun to be away, it’s REALLY GOOD to be home and with dawn. laundry and some running awaits before meeting dawn for dinner. then it’s time for work tomorrow and it’s time to make the theoretical […]