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dare we say spring?

March 29, 2008

i got the winter leaves blown into piles yesterday, the last little bits of snow are melting, there is a hint of green grass in our yard and the sun has been out.  dare we say spring? they are even predicting thunderstorms for tomorrow and monday, not snow flurries! pax: ty Advertisements

good friday: is sin dead?

March 21, 2008

  there was a good article in usa today about sin [CLICK HERE] this week. sin is far from gone in our lives and our  culture but the understanding by many that we actually commit sin or what we view as actual sin continues to change and diminish. today is good to think about sin […]

maundy thursday

March 20, 2008

tonight our church is gathering to celebrate the last supper, which Jesus had with his disciples before his arrest and crucifixion. if you’ve ever wondered what it is, here is an excerpt i found on-line… that evening they met in an upper room of a house in jerusalem to celebrate the passover. Jesus and the […]

peace on the pier

March 6, 2008

tonight i needed some peace after a very long and hard day. we dug into what practical theology is all about by learning how to use a theological grid. basically you take an issue or problem and then do “research” about what the bible teaches, how cultural and psychological factors influence your findings and then […]

this is my father’s world!

January 29, 2008

  sometimes i • we need a reminder of what is true and what gives us hope! the world may have been messed up by us, but nonetheless it’s still my father’s world… this is my Father’s world, and to my listening ears all nature sings, and round me rings the music of the spheres. […]

sweet youth group night

January 27, 2008

tonight was sweet at youth group! just a few people but that made it more fun, more personal and more meaningful. besides the great food [chicken fajitas] and fun together playing spoons, we also had some very good time in God’s word.tonight’s topic was “everybody hurts”. no, not the r.e.m. song. so what we did […]

abortions rates have gone down

January 26, 2008

• this post is edited for clarification after some great comments from leslie.  check them out! there is some good news about a cultural trend going the opposite way. church relevance blog is REPORTING on a study that says abortion rates are declining for a number of reasons. there are several things here to be […]

praying for a snow day

January 22, 2008

UPDATE: WOO HOO! Dawn and I are going out to breakfast to celebrate the SNOW DAY! Both West Side Christian and Holland Christian are closed and we can enjoy some time together. dawn woke up at 5:15 [me too then] and checked the tv right away to see if it’s a snow day. now we’re […]

everything yet nothing changes

January 12, 2008

in the midst of death and tragedy, there has been tremendous change here in holland in the last week to a 48 hours. a mother has died a father is charged a heart attack threatens life cancer rears it’s ugly head a student has died and their friends injured and so many are mourning, grieving […]

my savior loves my savior lives

January 11, 2008

maybe these can be some words of hope and comfort [better than i would ever come up with] for some of the students and families around holland that are hurting these last few days and weeks. i know there are many who hurting are and probably even more that i don’t even know about. so […]