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good friday: is sin dead?

March 21, 2008

  there was a good article in usa today about sin [CLICK HERE] this week. sin is far from gone in our lives and our  culture but the understanding by many that we actually commit sin or what we view as actual sin continues to change and diminish. today is good to think about sin […]

recession talk

January 27, 2008

this picture above was from the depression era of the 1930’s and i remember seeing it when we studied this in high school.  we talked about the broken and shattered lives that were created because people were rushing into debt to join in the boom on the stock market and greed and speculation put everyone […]


October 21, 2007

[update: i found this cartoon after i made the original post and thought it was relevant] i wonder how much judging and many stereotypes i’ve thought of this weekend here at ys? somehow the ease as which i can look and pre-judge [stereotype] people is amazing. i start thinking… there is someone trying to be […]

will someone please say no!

April 9, 2007

life and behavior is getting more and more ridiculous by the day! what am i talking about? the secret but not so secret life my students and their friends are living.  maybe it’s just that i’m really sensitive to it right now because everyone is home from spring break and posting pictures. maybe i shouldn’t […]

liveCHRIST isn’t “nice”

March 15, 2007

in the continuing saga to think about what it means to liveCHRIST in the world we live in and our culture, another thought came to mine.  i heard a song this morning by a band named arcade fire that talks about the hypocrisy of Christians and how they don’t follow “The Word” but their own […]