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March 24, 2013

     so with one week of work left and 16 weeks of sabbatical on the horizon, i’m realizing that an important skill that will be necessary for my time away i’m also completely unprepared for and haven’t thought much about… unplugging • how to disconnect electronically and personally.      last night we had dinner with […]

computer’s back

February 8, 2008

i now have my computer back with a nifty 320gb hard drive. plus they put my 120gb in a portable case. then i proceeded to kill my laptop this morning trying to add a windows partition to my mac. it’s back working by reinstalling the operating system but it always takes time.  now i know […]

homeward bound

February 6, 2008

i just saw that my laptop is done and is homeward bound.  i should have it by 3 pm tomorrow! wow have i been lost without it. yikes! oh, and i’m placing my bet that tomorrow is another snow day.  the superviperstormteamweathercenterdopplerfirstalert is going crazy again today with overreaction and we canceled our evening ash wednesday […]

bye bye for the weekend

February 1, 2008

my laptop is going bye, bye for a few days.  i’m going to go through major withdraws! i’m getting a larger hard drive put in [320 gb] and it needs to be shipped to california and back.  so i may have access to another computer or maybe not.  so i’ll post again when i can! […]