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we get to…

November 5, 2008

[this post is not a reaction against obama’s election, just some thoughts that have been brewing that i hope have at least some shred of coherence!] this morning as people react to the election, i think i’m thinking along different lines than some.  some are screaming and shouting about how horrible life will be and […]

pulling back the curtain • part three

March 27, 2008

finding our way forward with students and their families is going to take knowing the cultural landscape, understanding our theological “rocks” that are non-negotiable and then making intelligent choices based on those two things. the cultural landscape of students these points are based on the research of chap clark in his book “hurt” we may […]

good friday: is sin dead?

March 21, 2008

  there was a good article in usa today about sin [CLICK HERE] this week. sin is far from gone in our lives and our  culture but the understanding by many that we actually commit sin or what we view as actual sin continues to change and diminish. today is good to think about sin […]

maundy thursday

March 20, 2008

tonight our church is gathering to celebrate the last supper, which Jesus had with his disciples before his arrest and crucifixion. if you’ve ever wondered what it is, here is an excerpt i found on-line… that evening they met in an upper room of a house in jerusalem to celebrate the passover. Jesus and the […]

stupidity abounds

March 17, 2008

i’m watching the news this morning and there is so much stupidity that goes on in the world… mortgage and housing crisis financial markets scare uplifting of every spoiled celebrity china stomping on tibet the never ending situation in iraq partying up in celebration of a Christian saint do i need to go on? our […]

relax responsibly

March 14, 2008

so i’m reading rolling stone magazine and turn it over to the back cover. there is a corona ad that says in small print on the bottom… relax responsibly and it got me thinking. who’s standard of responsibility? around west michigan in a variety of ways, you see different ways that “character education” is trying […]

reclaiming sabbath

March 9, 2008

one of the things i realized on my trip west to fuller, is that i don’t have much sabbath.  much time with just God in rest, reflection, silence or peace. i need to reclaim a sabbath!  i know how, but don’t know when.  margins in life get so filled that carving out space for God […]

leap day

February 29, 2008

so today is leap day, the extra day once every four years.  i have a friend in her 50’s who has actually had only about 13 or 14 birthdays because she was born on leap day. it would be cool to do something significant on leap day, to mark it by something special that you […]

anger and condemnation

February 3, 2008

as i’m finishing up another book for seminary, a few thoughts are really challenging me… removing anger and condemnation from my life transforms me towards the kind of person Christ is. transformation towards the kind of person Christ is means being his disciple. being his disciple is then bringing about the Kingdom of God among […]

overpowered by Jesus

January 30, 2008

this is even later that the previous post.  i’m on a roll! i’m cutting and pasting this post wholesale from THE JOLLY BLOGGER because i liked it so much, especially the picture above. you can also tell it’s someone else’s work because he uses caps properly. Here’s a good thought from Oswald Chambers that is […]