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impending sabbath [sabbatical]!

March 11, 2013

i’m pretty excited today. why? because three weeks from today i will officially be on sabbatical [sabbath rest] from my position at harderwyk ministries as youth pastor.  my prayer on this coming time away, that like my garden plot from last summer: life will grow and renew what God intends to flourish. i’m starting to […]

pulling back the curtain • part three

March 27, 2008

finding our way forward with students and their families is going to take knowing the cultural landscape, understanding our theological “rocks” that are non-negotiable and then making intelligent choices based on those two things. the cultural landscape of students these points are based on the research of chap clark in his book “hurt” we may […]

peace on the pier

March 6, 2008

tonight i needed some peace after a very long and hard day. we dug into what practical theology is all about by learning how to use a theological grid. basically you take an issue or problem and then do “research” about what the bible teaches, how cultural and psychological factors influence your findings and then […]

where are the adults

January 15, 2008

this is [but with much better words than i could come up with] what i’ve been thinking about for ministry between youth and adults here at harderwyk after reading family based youth ministry. we promise in the baptismal covenant to do all we can to raise our children in the faith and then struggle to […]

xxxchurch is on the way

November 11, 2007

well, this evening xxxchurch.com is at harderwyk talking about pornogrphy and sexual sin to parents and students. conversations like these are always difficult to have because people get so uncomfortable talking about sex and pornography.  the problem is, that if we, as the church, don’t talk about it, then the world is all to glad […]

wow, it’s real

November 6, 2007

  well, it’s done!  my application has been sent to fuller seminary for the doctor of ministry program in youth and family ministry. the questions have been answered, what i believe has been summarized, a sample of my writing submitted and a $75 application fee sent. it’s real now, not a dream.  maybe that’s why […]

the battle is rough

October 29, 2007

sometimes it seems like the battle for hearts and minds [to use vietnam terminology] is a rough one.  one that i feel so beat up keeping in the middle of. trying to shape and pass on a biblical world view to students seems to get rougher and tougher the longer i am in youth ministry. […]


October 23, 2007

  i’m reading a book called “theirs is the kingdom”.  it’s stories from the inner city about serving, ministry, compassion and frustration. and so im wondering how? how do Christ’s people help bring about the kingdom in the city to those who live there? how do we do the things Christ called for: feed the […]

important things

October 20, 2007

one of my seminars talked about making a new kind of ministry without the constraints of what’s gone on before.  that got be thinking about important things.  things i probably wasn’t thinking about [or at least thinking about differently] 14 years ago when i was a pup in full time youth ministry. i guess this […]

two for two: deep justice

October 19, 2007

i’m on a roll here in san diego! i’ve been to two seminars and both have been great. this afternoon i went to hear chap clark from fuller seminary talk about “deep justice in a broken world”. it will be a book soon, but today he was talking about some of the concepts that will […]