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October 23, 2007

  i’m reading a book called “theirs is the kingdom”.  it’s stories from the inner city about serving, ministry, compassion and frustration. and so im wondering how? how do Christ’s people help bring about the kingdom in the city to those who live there? how do we do the things Christ called for: feed the […]

two for two: deep justice

October 19, 2007

i’m on a roll here in san diego! i’ve been to two seminars and both have been great. this afternoon i went to hear chap clark from fuller seminary talk about “deep justice in a broken world”. it will be a book soon, but today he was talking about some of the concepts that will […]

more missions stuff and another great book!

September 30, 2007

  i am looking at talking to my students about our service and mission projects from the perspective of what are we accomplishing.  we’ve been going to roseland for 6 years now and are we any closer to understanding the real issues of poverty, racism, power, injustice and all the rest. see, we get to […]

good thoughts on missions & service

September 25, 2007

went to a seminar put on by the rca and western seminary that was at calvin college [strange location] that we really good.  it had a lot to think about regarding how and why we do short term missions with our churches and youth groups.  there was so much good thinking that it’s hard to […]