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appalachian trail • gettysburg • ace adventure center

January 2, 2008

  so, i’m finalizing plans for a father•son trip this summer.  we’re heading for… west virginia and the ace adventure center where we are kayaking, whitewater rafting and rock climbing. then to pennsylvania to hike a day or two on the appalachian trail. then to gettysburg to camp and visit the civil war battlefield. it […]

walk on the beach @ holland state park

December 26, 2007

as part of our very relaxing christmas, dawn and i bundled up for a walk on the beach at holland state park. add a little snow and ice to the picture and it was what our walk looked like.  it was perfectly clear out, the wind was light and the temps were in the high […]

king of the road

June 22, 2007

i’m off again.  tomorrow morning myself and 7 other dudes head to north carolina to backpack on the appalachian trail. it should be sweet.  we wrap it up with whitewater rafting.  again, sweet. so the blog will be little light for awhile. hopefully you’re all enjoying your summer outside instead of reading my stupid blog. […]

beach week begins

May 29, 2007

as part of my rough and really rough job [obviously a joke] i head out to holland state park to camp for the next 10 nights while the seniors our out there for beach week.  it’s the tradition here that seniors camp the week they graduate and when i got here they thought it would […]

off to classis

May 10, 2007

so today was great with several hundred students and parents from about 10 different churches showing up for free hot dogs and pop in the park after the tulip time parade.  it was a beautiful day outdoors and was a lot of fun seeing everyone and having a chance to talk. that was the higlight. […]

got gear?

May 2, 2007

i don’t know how many people read this blog, but i thought i would put out a request for my youth group and see what happens. i’ve always wanted to be able have enough camping, fishing, cannoning/kayaking equipment to take groups of 10 to 12 on trips. there are a number of trips i’m taking […]

goin’ to carolina

April 16, 2007

  5 am is early but that’s when i’m getting up to head off to north carolina for the next few days. it’s a scouting trip to franklin, which is in the far western end of carolina near tennesse.  it’s a trip to check out the appalacian trail, smoky mountain national park and some whitewater […]

new tent

April 15, 2007

i’m getting excited. yesterday i got a new tent in the mail, tomorrow i get my gps back!  why the excitement?  because i’m planning and getting ready for a summer backpacking trip with my students. i think the planning and prep are sometimes just as fun as the trip itself.  tuesday i leave for a […]

change of pace

April 3, 2007

the change of pace with the last few days has been very good. sometimes you wake up in the morning feeling like same life • different day. like not much changes. but the last few days has been a nice way to mix things up. going up north to trent and rockett’s cabin was a […]


March 28, 2007

so tomorrow i’m going offline for 48 hours or so. why? because i’m fleeing my own home. yes, you read it right, fleeing! dawn is having her former small group girls over for a slumber party and i’m gettin’ outta dodge. 6 college freshman girls and dawn doing heavens knows what girlie things. not a […]