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stinking independence

November 11, 2008

i’m tired of independence and individualism. they are two concepts that have played out horribly for the most part in human existance… • they separated us from God in the garden • they block our interdependence and love for each other • they give us too high a view of our own achievements and worth […]

last day in california

March 7, 2008

today is my last day out here. it’s been the most intellectually stretching time of my life and i’m so grateful for the opportunity. i’m also super pumped about getting back home and seeing dawn and having life together with her again. however, i will miss a few things about so cal… sunshine temps in […]


January 30, 2008

relationships need time for talking.  honest and open talking.  when we do, we realize what needs to be worked on, what we have in common and where things are heading. and the hurt that sometimes comes out in talking is much better than the hurt that stays buried when we don’t. when each person in […]