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california bound

February 23, 2008

dawn made it safe to chicago and is about ready to board her first flight, which is to houston. then they head to guatamala city and should get there about the time i’m landing in minneapolis because today i’m on my way.  tonight by 9 pm pacific time i’ll be in los angeles.  two weeks […]

appalachian trail • gettysburg • ace adventure center

January 2, 2008

  so, i’m finalizing plans for a father•son trip this summer.  we’re heading for… west virginia and the ace adventure center where we are kayaking, whitewater rafting and rock climbing. then to pennsylvania to hike a day or two on the appalachian trail. then to gettysburg to camp and visit the civil war battlefield. it […]

great to be home

November 3, 2007

after almost 11 hours on the road today, it’s good to be home with my wife and relax. it still feels like i’mbouncing around in my truck on the highway though. i think i’ve had enough travel and time away from dawn. i don’t think i will be leaving again until february if i get […]

post from the road

November 3, 2007

wireless broadband is cool because i’m posting this from the road as i drive down I-80. sweet! pax:ty

blades hockey

November 2, 2007

so tonight after a pretty good meal at sioux center’s mexican restaurant, todd and i headed over to campus to watch the dordt blades hockey team.  we met katherine, one of my former students, and settled in for some great hockey. dordt spanked south dakota state university. there was a big crowd of students and […]

lacrosse, football and more

November 2, 2007

so, cruising through the dordt bookstore looking for a dordt t-shirt for my calvin alumni wife, i came across two shirts that have potential for me but also really kind of shock me. dordt college has lacrosse and football now.  wow! who would have figured that both of these sports would wind up here?  someone […]

sioux center’s finest

November 1, 2007

so tonight was the culinary delight that is pizza ranch.  mashed potatoes, gravy, fried chicken, pizza, pleny of carbs and dessert pizza! it was tasty and it was amazing to see who “the ranch” serves as the fine dining for sioux center. the best was hanging out with students and seeing what’s going on with […]

mission accomplished

June 14, 2007

so today at noon we were on our way home from working because we finished all the pews and had the church cleaned and ready to go for sunday services.  wow, everyone did a great job and it turned out fantastic. we tried to get more fabric today for the choir loft pews but it […]

get-away again

May 18, 2007

dawn and i are about to leave for mackinac island to help chaperone the 8th grade class trip this weekend. so it’s a get away, but it’s work too. it should be fun with her students and i’m excited because i’ve never been to the island. plus after the students leave for home saturday afternoon, […]


May 11, 2007

so dawn and i are off to chicago for the weekend so that i can officiate at a friend’s wedding. we’re both pretty pumped because it’s a great couple getting married and their family is a ton of fun, it’s time off of work for both of us and it’s chicago! we actually get to […]