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anniversary and wrap up

June 16, 2007

well, i caved and told dawn about dinner this morning so she wouldn’t think i’m a schmuck and did nothing about our anniversary. dinner at the rosebud was great. the food was excellent and the manager gave us free dessert when i said we were back for our one year anniversary after having dinner there on our […]

mission accomplished

June 14, 2007

so today at noon we were on our way home from working because we finished all the pews and had the church cleaned and ready to go for sunday services.  wow, everyone did a great job and it turned out fantastic. we tried to get more fabric today for the choir loft pews but it […]

sweat and dogs

June 13, 2007

well, the bbq is in the bag for another year and we had at least 100 people there to enjoy the night. it was a bit warm out there in front of the bbq in full sun and mighty hot.  to say i was getting sweaty was an understatement! but seeing everyone have a great […]

two days: twenty pews

June 12, 2007

so we just wrapped up our second day of work here in roseland and make some great progress as well and finding a few other nice little fixes for a few problems on the church pews.  the kids are still working really well and having a good time. one girl, elise s., is not getting […]