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March 11, 2008

with the books i’m collecting i’m getting quite a library.  enough books that i think i will need to build some library shelves and an office if we get our new house.  i know dawn is a great fan of books and has quite a few boxes of old books.  but with the ever increasing […]

last day in california

March 7, 2008

today is my last day out here. it’s been the most intellectually stretching time of my life and i’m so grateful for the opportunity. i’m also super pumped about getting back home and seeing dawn and having life together with her again. however, i will miss a few things about so cal… sunshine temps in […]

peace on the pier

March 6, 2008

tonight i needed some peace after a very long and hard day. we dug into what practical theology is all about by learning how to use a theological grid. basically you take an issue or problem and then do “research” about what the bible teaches, how cultural and psychological factors influence your findings and then […]

pulling back the curtain

February 29, 2008

in the movie the wizard of oz, toto the dog pulls back the curtain and reveals what is really going on. everything changes because of that exposure. i feel the same way not about what is taking place here in my classes at fuller. the curtains are being pulled back [especially as we are discussing […]

my brain hurts

February 26, 2008

between conversations in class, discussion and lecture, all my reading and all my thinking, but sprinkle in the unknown of the future with what i will be doing with and from this degree and a healthy dose of the overwhelming nature of everything that is being addressed in the reading about culture, change, the way […]

i’m in!!!

December 19, 2007

the first step to adding “d.min” behind my name has just happened. here’s an excerpt of the acceptance letter… “Congratulations!  We are delighted to welcome you into the Doctor of Ministry program at Fuller Theological Seminary.  We are pleased that you have chosen Fuller as the place to continue your personal growth and equipping for […]

wow, it’s real

November 6, 2007

  well, it’s done!  my application has been sent to fuller seminary for the doctor of ministry program in youth and family ministry. the questions have been answered, what i believe has been summarized, a sample of my writing submitted and a $75 application fee sent. it’s real now, not a dream.  maybe that’s why […]

back to seminary

October 25, 2007

well, i think i’m heading back to seminary. i’ve been thinking about it for a number of years because it’s a good think to challenge my thinking and keep fresh in mnistry.  the beautiful thing is that to go back i get to stay.  fuller seminary has a distance learning doctor of ministry program in […]