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new serve blog

February 14, 2008

each summer we host SERVE which is a week long middle school service project where about 100 students can discover their gifts, meet other students, have a great time and work on what it means to liveCHRIST. this will be our fourth summer hosting and we’ve had such a great time having everyone here at […]

what would you give?

December 21, 2007

daydreams are kinda fun now and again, and in a recent one i was thinking of what would it look like if dawn and i won a ton of money? not that i’m perfect or amazingly generous, but what i was thinking of focused on what i would give away. what gifts, what blessings would […]


October 23, 2007

  i’m reading a book called “theirs is the kingdom”.  it’s stories from the inner city about serving, ministry, compassion and frustration. and so im wondering how? how do Christ’s people help bring about the kingdom in the city to those who live there? how do we do the things Christ called for: feed the […]